All prices are in Euro. We charge actual prices at the date of the order including taxes plus delivery charges.
The customer is liable for import taxes or customs tariffs.
Shipping charges must be paid by the customer and depend on weight of the parcel, delivery 
country and chosen shipping method.


If you place your order in our ONLINE SHOP you will receive an automatically produced e-mail to acknowledge your order. 
Therefore it is absolutely necessary that you give us a valid e-mail-address. If you don't receive an acknowledgment of your order please check your e-mail-address. 


For 14 days after you have received your order you have the right to return or exchange the items (as stated by law) as long as they are in their original packing.
Postage for returns is charged to the customer.
There is no exchange right if the items are damaged on transport or by improper handling.
Please understand that there is no right to return in case you just don't fancy the items, because we make them to your wishes.
In case there is a production defect in one of our products despite high-quality processing the item will be exchanged of course. 
There is no exchange for items that have been used or worn, for special or made-to-measure orders and for hygienic articles
(items that are worn especially in the genital area).


Delivery time depends if we have the ordered items in store or if we have to make them for you. Stock items are shipped immediately on the next workday.
Please allow 7-8 weeks for special or made-to-measure items (which make up the biggest part of our collection, due to the variety of combinations and colors available). Of course we will inform you about shipping details and delivery time in a personal e-mail.


Although latex fashion has become presentable all items are packed in plain, neutral cover.


The producers are not liable for the use of the items and physical or psychic harm caused thereby. Furthermore we cannot be held responsible for printing errors in our advertising media or for data error in out Online Shop, even if they are due to minor negligence.


All your personal information will be processed with the aid of automation, sticking strictly to legal and implementing regulations concerning data security. All personal data are handled strictly confidential and never passed on to third parties.
By placing your order you accept our conditions of sale.


With a standing order for a debit you allow us to directly charge your bank account with the costs of your order. You have to take care that you have the needed sum on your account when you place your order. Else you will be charged with all costs that arise from not having enough money on your account.


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